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Psycho-Neuro-Immunology- The Beneficial Influence of the Mind on Health Number 64 Labor and Delivery Subliminal CD Number 513 Pre-Natal Care | Mother and Baby CD Number 512

Your mind and body were designed to work in perfect harmony, controlling invading diseases and viruses through your own natural immune system. Mishandling of negative emotions such as fear, depression, and anger creates an imbalance in our system. The power of the mind over the body has been known for centuries, and has been used by various cultures throughout the world. Many illnesses have been cured and gone into remission solely through suggestion and visualization.

This program is designed to help make the birth process as easy as possible. It is preparation for the beautiful experience of birth, keeping the mother in complete control with relaxed confidence; this program is designed to make the birth experience a pleasurable, safe, natural happening.

This program is a very loving program between a mother and her unborn child. The affirmations are directed at the unborn child as well as the mother in regard to a healthy pregnancy and a strong healthy delivery.

Pre-Natal Labor and Delivery CD Number 414 Enlightened Birth and New Life CD Number 416

This is a three-part program concerned with pregnancy, labor and delivery with reference made toward natural childbirth. During the pregnancy, it is directed toward maintaining a healthy body and improving muscle strength that you will need for labor and delivery.

This program prepares the mother for the spiritual act of bringing forth new life, with love, acceptance and awareness the new life is prepared for life on earth prior to being born

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