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Prosperity Consciousness CD Number 405

Prosperity Consciousness CD Number 405

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Product Code: 405

Key phrases to this program relate to having only positive thoughts and emotions about Prosperity. Being in control of your attitudes about wealth and success, opening your life to accepting, receiving, deserving and believing you are worthy, giving yourself permission to succeed and obtain wealth, accepting and appreciating your true worth, forgiving yourself and others for the beliefs and memories you carry regarding wealth, realizing that as a child of God, it is our right to be rich, happy and successful and, as a child of God, we accept our inheritance of all rights, privileges, and blessings of God’s riches as God supplies our every need being thankful for all our seen and unseen blessings, visualization phrases regarding success and wealth… setting the focus on and achieving positive goals and doing this with ‘faith’ rather than with ‘expectation’ (remember how WE can limit!. This program not only addresses financial prosperity; it also encompasses health, happiness, fulfillment and family bonding, to name a few areas. Through God, everything is miraculous, flow and thrill!!! It’s changing that old, warped record in our minds that keeps us where we are and limits where we can go / only we can set limitations, God gave us dominion over our thoughts and decisions. Many times, you will find that when people think and speak of money, they relate to the lack of it (don’t have, can’t get, can’t do, etc.) rather than the abundance (follows a negative thought pattern). What you think upon grows, so it would be reasonable to assume these individuals would continue to attract lack rather than abundance because that’s what they spend most of their time thinking about. This program will help to assist make the shift from negative thought patterns to positive thought patterns. Using SCWL programs make it easy…we just play a new record, with belief, our new thought patterns give us the opportunity to select new information with which to help us decide where we will go and how we will grow.

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