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Weight Loss Subliminal CD Number 1

Weight Loss Subliminal CD Number 1

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You have just found the easiest way to lose weight, just place this CD into your player to change your thoughts and habits related to your weight. It doesn’t matter if you need to lose 10 pounds, 50 pounds or more. The solution is here, you don’t need to buy any diet pills, listen to radio ads, or watch TV infomercials.

Now you can use the power of your subconscious mind and take control of your Weight

As explained in a talk given recently one of our nation's top motivational speakers has said that "What you focus on is what you will get, for people who focus on weight are so focused that they can't lose and maintain it."

Now you have the power with the help of
SCWL Subliminal Programs to focus on things in life that really matter to you, all the things that you love to think about!!!

Your weight issue could be a result of a deeper, less obvious problem. Some problems causing weight gain are depression, anxiety, stress, tension, and low self-esteem. When you use will power to cut calories and start exercising the results are usually dramatic and short-lived. 95% of people who lose weight through will power will regain weight they lost and more. The reason: Not doing anything about the cause. The mental problems that cause excessive weight need to be handled first if reducing caloric intake and exercising are to be effective. This program is designed to instill new concepts in the subconscious - concepts regarding nutrition, exercise and eating habits, as well as new ideas regarding self-image, attitude and confidence to achieve success. These subliminal images, concepts and ideas help re-shape your ideas, thoughts and notions about food and how it affects your body for lasting, permanent weight management.

  • This is a Subliminal Audio recording so its speech track is recorded at a frequency that the human ear cannot detect.

    You can not consciously hear the affirmations that are being said. All you will hear is the soothing Ocean Waves background.

    The subconscious will hear and comprehend the messages. Our recordings are genuine.

    Our high-quality programs uses affirmations and phrases that were developed by a team of Doctors,

    for the best possible results in helping you take control of your thoughts, change your beliefs and

    remove the self-sabotaging limiting beliefs that you say to yourself about yourself.

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