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Setting and Achieving Real-estate Goals CD Number 453

Setting and Achieving Real-estate Goals CD Number 453

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Product Code: 453

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail". This is a must have tape if you invest in real-estate. Your entire life is centered on goal setting and achieving that goal. A goal is a plan with an end result. To drive your car to the grocery store to purchase goods is a conscious goal -- the conscious sets goals. To get you there your subconscious provides all the necessary information. The subconscious satisfies the goals of the conscious with information it has accumulated over your lifetime. Your mind then is a success mechanism. It sets and satisfies goals. If the goals are negative or the information you have accumulated is negative then the results will be negative. It cannot be anything else. Also, the opposite is true -- positive goals give positive results. Whatever you spend your time thinking about, you are setting up as goals for your subconscious to act on. This program is designed to create positive goal-setting information for the subconscious to feed to the conscious. When you begin thinking about specific goals, short term, and long term, they will be positive and you will seek positive achievement of your goals. The information supplied will aid you in consciously setting and thinking only about positive goals it creates harmony between your conscious and subconscious to successfully satisfy your positive conscious goals. This program can be used with any other program. To achieve the maximum results possible write down your goals in a journal, and review them every day, keep all your goals separate, for example, long term and Short term goals on separate pages. Listen to them every day as often as you can. Effective results are obtained with any CD player for CD tape player with tapes, if possible with an auto-reverse player for your listening ease. The great thing about SCWL programs is that they work while your conscious mind is active reading, watching TV, working on hobbies, etc. The subconscious mind is the goal satisfying mechanism for the conscious mind. Once a goal is set by the conscious mind, it will draw the needed information stored in the subconscious to fulfill that goal. This program was designed to create importance in regard to setting goals and to provide motivation toward achieving the goals you have set. Each person has a built in success mechanism, their own mind. The goal setter is the conscious mind; the goal satisfier is the subconscious mind. Goals are simply determining the end result in advance. This program help motivates you to plan your future by setting and achieving your real estate goals.

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