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Weight Loss Subliminal CD Number 1 Subliminal CD Number 14 Stop Procrastination Setting and Achieving Positive Goals CD Number 32
With so many diets out there it’s hard to know which ones really work. But once you know that the secret to real, sustained weight loss resides in your subconscious, you’ll be off to the races with this powerful program that can help you lose the weight, and keep it off! Get more done in less time, be more productive and finally beat the procrastination menace, even if you’ve tried everything! Put this program to work for you and watch what happens.
Start setting and Achieving your Goals Now!
Setting goals is the first step to success, either you fail to plan or you plan to fail. Your entire life is centered around goal setting. Don't go through life being tossed around by the wind and waves unable to steer a course for any destination arriving by chance where you may. Choose your path, destination and experiences that you want to have.
Psycho-Neuro-Immunology- CD Number 64 Appetite Control CD Number 73 Maintaining Your Ideal Weight CD 74

Your mind and body were designed to work in perfect harmony, controlling invading diseases and viruses through your own natural immune system. Mishandling of negative emotions such as fear, depression, and anger creates an imbalance in our system. The power of the mind over the body has been known for centuries and has been used by various cultures throughout the world. Many illnesses have been cured and gone into remission solely through suggestion and visualization.

Eat to live, don't live to eat! Control that insatiable appetite for food with this powerful and demanding SCWL program. You can control hunger and appetite - lose weight now! Reaching that ideal weight is accomplished by millions of people. Maintaining that ideal weight, however, is a much greater challenge. Arm yourself with the self-control to sustain your weight. With this program, you are in complete control of your appetite; you will prefer to eat the correct amount of nutritional food for your body. The confidence you have in yourself and the attitude you have developed allows you to enjoy an attractive, healthy body that no longer indulges in overeating.
Increase Your Memory Power SCWL CD Number 4 The Best in You CD Number 5 Overcoming Fear and Worry CD Number 7

Everything you experience in your lifetime through your five senses is stored in your subconscious mind. The mind stores information as images, pictures, concepts, processes, etc. All of the learned knowledge and experiences you are exposed to, even the thoughts you think, add to these images, pictures, concepts and ideas.

The ability to recall this information is of major concern to each of us. Your memory of your knowledge and experiences is the groundwork for your future, so it is critical to keep this from degrading.

The SCWL memory program works specifically at retaining and recalling this information simply, easily and effectively. Just imagine what this could mean for your future! You can retain information for exams, names for business, work related text or anything you choose.

When it comes to personal achievement, your own opinion of yourself is paramount. Your ability to accept who you are, your opinions about yourself, and simply being comfortable in your own skin and being the best person you can be, are all crucial components to a healthy, happy life.

This program is designed to create that feeling within you, so you can lay the foundation for powerful self-improvement. The importance of this program is the fact that the subconscious believes everything you tell it. So, if you want to improve the way you feel about yourself it will give you the information you need. It helps you to feel that you are unique, you have a purpose, you are successful, you are free of guilt, you are worthy, you have great potential, you love yourself, your opinions of yourself are good and that you always do your best and you are good to yourself.

When you start this program you will begin to experience improved confidence in yourself and your abilities.

Worrying can be a form of addiction, and when it takes over your life it can be devastating. Unfortunately it is important to have a controlled amount of fear to stay safe, but striking the right balance is key.

Left unchecked, worry robs you of precious time, and takes up space in your mind that could be used for more enjoyable thoughts.

This program will help to alleviate the worried mindset, allowing for more peace and tranquility to wash over you, and when listened to regularly it can lay the groundwork for long term peace of mind.

"Worrying is praying for something that you don't want, so stop worrying!" - Bhagavan Das

Overcoming Depression SCWL CD Number 8 The Joy of Life/Showing Your Happiness SCWL CD 9 Better Health Through Positive Thinking CD Number 10

This SCWL program is designed to create happy, positive, and successful thinking, helping you to overcome depressing problems quickly.

In psychology, depression is an emotional condition, either normal or pathological, which is characterized by discouragement and a feeling of inadequacy. It is the feeling that literally stops all positive mental functioning.

To be totally free of depression is a literal impossibility. To handle depression and overcome those feelings as quickly as possible and get back to positive, healthy thinking is of major importance.

This program will instill a positive belief within you about your ability to overcome depression and, because of that belief, anything is possible. You will begin to look for the good in all situations, which is essential to overcoming depression.

Did anyone ever tell you, ‘Be happy no matter what?’ or ‘Fill you mind with happy thoughts?’. If you find that impossible, then this program is for you!

Midwest Research’s approach to this program is somewhat different. Happiness is viewed as the opposite to anger. Anger is your most health-hindering emotion, specifically suppressed anger, which in time plays havoc with your body’s natural immune defense system.

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to create and maintain a positive, happy attitude about your life. We need to look for good in all situations and to eliminate the negatives from your life.

Negatives accomplish nothing good, so why give them power and consideration? Life should be fun and you should enjoy it. That’s what this program on happiness is designed to create, a feeling that is positive and fun. Your life can be fun, simply smile and feel good, enjoy your life, be a happy person. Like people and people will like you. Look forward to each new day with a feeling of happiness. Be active, be happy and enjoy life – your health depends on it. This program will help to make that happen.

Many years ago I had a good friend who used to tell everyone that he would meet that it is mind over matter is what was really important, maintaining positive focused thoughts would make us masters of all things that exist. Research has shown that positive thinking impacts your health in a positive way. Use the power of your subconscious and stay healthy with this SCWL Subliminal program Better Health Through Positive Thinking.
Success Motivation SCWL Subliminal CD Number 11 Total Concentration SCWL Subliminal CD Number 12 Overcoming Shyness SCWL Subliminal CD Number 13

MOTIVATION - A feeling of desire that makes you do something.

SUCCESS - The result that was hoped for.

SUCCESS MOTIVATION - Achieving the result hoped for through an initial feeling or desire to do something.
This SCWL program gives the subconscious mind attitudes of doing and achieving. Create the motivation you need for success.... This SCWL program gives the subconscious mind attitudes of doing and achieving. It creates the motivation for success. Responsibility for success lies within each of us. It creates the action that is needed and commands the achievement of your goals. It builds confidence in meeting challenges and turns problems into opportunities for improvement. Ultimately, your problems become your achievements. It is designed to create the ability to plan your work and work those plans for success. You will do what needs to be done. You will believe in yourself and your ability to motivate yourself toward success in any direction you choose and believe.

We use only about 5 % of our brain, you can learn how to increase that amount by using your subconscious. This CD will help you develop the abitlty to avoid distractions and focus on your goals.

This program is keyed specifically to bring together all of your thoughts, efforts, experience, and knowledge, whenever needed and on command to use at any time and move you in your desired direction...

What you think about you bring about,

What you focus on Grows!

To concentrate is to center and focus all of your thoughts or efforts on one task.

This program is directed towards a total mental ability to concentrate; to bring together all of your thoughts, efforts, experience, and knowledge, whenever needed and on command to aid in any desired direction. When you concentrate your mind brings together all the available information. You can focus your total mind on any situation you so desire. When you concentrate you will pay attention to the situation. You will be a much stronger individual because of your increased ability to concentrate. You will focus all your energies on any particular thing you choose. Simply give orders and your subconscious will bring together all the information it has to help you. This program is now being used by some of the most famous names in professional sports. It is being used successfully by sixth-grade students, accountants, and college students. It is an excellent program to be used with most other programs and is highly recommended with success oriented and sports programs.

This program will aid in producing a personable, funny personality. Basically, it creates a genuine interest in other people and simply combats shyness.

Shyness is an inhibiting problem. To be shy is to be easily frightened or timid, not to be at ease with other people, bashful, not having, lacking, to be cautious or unwilling, to keep away from, or to avoid, are all parts of the definition of shyness. Shyness is just about the exact opposite of what much of SCWL is trying to create. Shyness keeps many potentially successful people from achieving their desires. This SCWL program creates the concepts in the subconscious mind that help to create the likable person. You will become the person that likes being around other people, likes speaking in groups, likes being outgoing - one that makes friends easily. This program will aid in producing a personable, funny personality. Basically, it creates a genuine interest in other people and simply combats shyness.

Improve Athletic Ability (For Any Sport) SCWL Subliminal Programs CD Number 18 Roller Skating CD Number 356 Darts CD Number 381
Darts CD Number 381
Our Price: $24.95

There was a time when the four-minute mile was just a dream. For decades a 100-goal season for the NHL was way out of reach. It seemed no one would ever hit 61 home runs or 716 in a lifetime. Use this program for serious performance enhancement without using harmful substances.

There was a time when the four-minute mile was just a dream. For decades a 100-goal season for the NHL was way out of reach. It seemed no one would ever hit 61 home runs or 716 in a lifetime. Who would have dreamed that a 17-year-old "kid" would win the Grand Slam at Wimbledon? Will anyone ever hit 100 home runs in a major league season? Probably! Will anyone ever run a 3 1/2 minute mile? Probably! Will anyone ever hit 400 again (Since Ted William’s '406)? Probably! This SCWL program is geared to improving your athletic ability at any level. In addition to conventional techniques, this program uses timing, breathing, and concentration, as well as, exercise, performance, and competition to release your ultimate potential. Athletic ability is not just physical, it is also mental. You will gain the mental edge in your sport when you use this SCWL program.

Become better at Roller Skating than you have ever dreamed. Achieve result faster and better by tapping into your subconscious mind today.
Zero in on the target
Hit the Bull's eye
Every time
*Note: Track your performance, build a list to track how you are doing, Then as you practice and listen to this program, you will be building your skills!
Gods Affirmations CD Number 1095 Gods Health and Healing SCWL CD Number 1114 Speak It!!! Spanish SCWL Subliminal CD Number 1119

Become more spiritual listening to this SCWL Program.

With God supporting you, your purpose in life will have more peace and joy.
Give your life more purpose, power, and pleasure when your spirit tunes into Gods Affirmations.

There are times that we need the healing power of God for our physical health right here on earth. We all have the need for the Healing Power of God in our lives.

This audible language learning program contains an 800-word vocabulary of phrases for travelers. You will see, hear and speak all phrases seconds after your subconscious mind hears them subliminally. This Super Learning format, used an hour a day, will have you speaking Spanish in no time at all!!!
Speak It!!! French SCWL Subliminal CD Number 1120 Special !!! Get All Three Childrens Titles Number 1126 CD Desire and Purpose CD Number 403
Speak It!!! French SCWL Subliminal CD Number 1120. This audible language learning program contains an 800-word vocabulary of phrases for travelers. You will see, hear and speak all phrases seconds after your subconscious mind hears them subliminally. This Super Learning format, used an hour a day, will have you Speaking French before you know it!!!

Get all three children's programs combined onto one CD.

Confidence and Self Esteem for Children
Set to the Fairy Tales of Snow White &
The Gingerbread Man.
Character and Personality Development for Children
Set to the Fairy Tales of Cinderella &
Handsel and Gretel.
Accelerated Learning for Children
Set to the Fairy Tales of Sleeping Beauty
& Aladdin.

Everyone has experienced the "Fire of Desire" within them at some time in their life. Every person has a purpose or talent for something. Finding that purpose with that fire of desire connected with faith and belief, look out! Most who have accomplished this are called "The Lucky Ones!!!".
Lucid Dreaming CD Number 409 Prosperity Consciousness CD Number 405 Okinawan Karate CD Number 430
Lucid dreaming is when the dreamer is aware of dreaming. During the lucid dream, the dreamer may be able to control to some degree the dream. Begin now to start Lucid Dreaming. Key phrases to this program relate to having only positive thoughts and emotions about Prosperity. Learn Karate quicker, use your subconscious to your advantage. Develop your ability to be faster and better!
This program focuses on proper leg stretching, warm-up exercises; develop multiple kicking abilities, a proper side-fighting stance, and speed of delivery. Visualizing your side-fighting stance and delivery of kicks, maintaining control, round house and hook kicks and emphasis is practice, concentration, balance, and control.
Getting into Exercise CD Number 44 Body Toning Through Mental Imagery CD (For Any Sport) Number 45 Alzheimer's CD Number 450
Alzheimer's CD Number 450
Our Price: $24.95
When you want to exercise and you need a little push a little motivation to get going, this program will inspire you to start right now. Use the Power of Your Mind to achieve the body you wish to have by using the power of "Mental Imagery", which is the greatest power in the universe. If you see it in your mind, you will manifest it in your body. Scientists have known for a long time that the brains of Alzheimer's disease patients contain microscopic fibrous tangles and hardened deposits called plaques. Some researchers have shown that the tangles and plaques contain some of the same proteins, or portions of the proteins, that are contained in the cytoskeletal fibers in normal brain cells. The findings show that the cause of Alzheimer's may lie in the process controlling the formation of the cytoskeletal structures. The SCWL program on Alzheimer's disease creates an attitude within your subconscious that you are a healthy individual.