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Subliminal CD Number 14 Stop Procrastination Stop Procrastination Subliminal CD Number 14

If you are living in the world of "Why should I do it today, when I can do it tomorrow?"
You won’t want to put off ordering this program. Once you order it you will be glad you did. You will not be prepared for what will happen to you. I personally have and use dozens of SCWL programs, this was the first one introduced to me by a good friend over 35 years ago, #14 Getting it Done Stop Procrastination. Within a few minutes of the start of it's playing my wife was up making brownies, she said that she was thinking about making it all day. This is the most popular program of the SCWL® CDs. This is our fastest working program. Results are almost immediate with most people. It’s a "Do It Now" and "Get It Done" program. When something needs to be done - You Do It! You are successful when you do things and get them done. Your subconscious will bring you all you need to do whatever you think and believe in. This program is the number one recommendation. When you play it in the evening before bedtime for one week the results will speak for themselves in terms of doing anything or accomplishing anything. Our studies show that people achieve greater and quicker success when this program is played three times a day for the first three days and then at least once a day thereafter. For faster results use a repeating CD player and play it in the background during the day while you perform your normal daily activities.

Our Price: $24.95