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How SCWL subliminal CDs are better than MP3s

Had some New Year’s resolution? Some goals or promises to try to make the upcoming year better in some way? But now the dreams are slipping away from your hands as the struggles and difficulties of life made the path of your dreams faded. Many people sometimes find it difficult to maintain and accomplish their resolutions. It is because we under estimate the power of proper learning and motivation for achieving our goals. We need to change our thoughts first in order to change our world.

Technology with its advancement has assisted us all to make our lives worth living. SCWL (Subconscious to Conscious Way of Learning) Tapes and CDs offer an exciting and easy way to make significant changes in our lives. Using audio CDs and listening to them frequently is a sure and proven step to get on right track for accomplishing our goals and having a taste of success.

Our “Thoughts” are actually automatic reactions coming from our subconscious mind and it is with the help of these thoughts that we can achieve our goals. SCWL tapes are extremely beneficial and go straight to the subconscious mind, repeating and reinforcing positive assertions continuously. Distinguished doctors and scholars always approve the extraordinary scripts of SCWL CDs while the technology used in their creation is utterly unique. They do not demand our valuable time and special equipment in order to use them. We can just simply play them in the background while practicing our usual activities be it reading, working out, watching television, web searching or listening to music.

SCWL CDs are much better in comparison to MP3s, as CDs are designed to meet particular industry standards. By putting MP3s over CDs, you are losing out on quality and versatility. The MP3 format compresses the frequency range and wipes out the hidden messages in the top and bottom ranges, so the effectiveness of the program is drastically reduced.

Unlike MP3s, CDs have an uncompressed format, which means that none of the data is lost in the process of compression. The hardware needed to play CDs is much simpler as compared to MP3s. Therefore, most players are capable of playing audio CDs but in the case of MP3s playing them is just not that facile.

MP3 is a lossy method of compressing audio files. This indicates that some of the data has to be discarded to reduce the file size considerably. This loss of sound and quality indicates that MP3s are noticeably inferior to audio CDs, which can be smoothly played in high-end sound equipment.

CDs are designed to capture all of the frequencies, which can possibly lie within the human hearing range, making them more vividly audible and comprehensible. On the other hand, MP3s are providing with at least 6 less frequency ranges in comparison to the full frequency range delivered by audio CDs.

So, it is safe to claim that SCWL subliminal CDs, without any doubt, is an effective medium to rely on for guidance, advancing towards goals and sustaining a successful life by having control on the mind. After all, success is what we all aspire to.