Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

We receive many letters and phone calls with questions about the company and the SCWL® subliminal programs. In response to your inquiries, we are enclosing the following information which we feel will answer your questions.


Are SCWL® Programs effective and fast?
Yes part of the technology used in formulating the content of the program arranges the affirmations in the psychological order best suited to appeal to all five senses as well as your feelings

The Process—
The most important part of any subliminal program, besides the scripting, is the frequency and the tones within the program. MWRM uses multi-tracks and frequencies covering the spectrum of speech: 2,000 to 4,000 cycles per second, all recorded with specific tones. Some of the recordings are treated electronically. All are at separate decibel level differences, masked with dominant sound of relaxing ocean waves, crickets and sea gulls. The number of affirmations varies drastically depending on the wording of each affirmation. For each 1-hour of playing around 80,000 to 110,000 precisely worded statements for happiness, success and prosperity is received by our brain (RAS) and replace our negative attitudes, habits and worries.


How do I know that there are affirmations on the programs?
The technology used in producing the SCWL® programs prevents recording and duplicating without the affirmations. The introduction on each tape verifies the programs affirmations. We also have affidavits on file from the technicians and speakers which are available on request.


Can I get copies of the affirmations on the CD's and Tapes ???
Midwest Research of Michigan, Inc. maintains a high degree of secrecy on the scripts for two main reasons:

1. When you make the conscious choice to change a certain behavior pattern, your subconscious mind may not be ready to change at the same time, you therefore set up blocks or games to test yourself. If the conscious mind is made aware of subliminal program content, research has proven that it can alter or even eliminate the information which may render the program ineffective.

2. The scripts for SCWL® programs are proven successful. If they are published, it would let out the opportunity for competitors to copy them and that would not be in the best interest of the many thousands of distributors.

The background sound of the Ocean is what you will hear !
All you will hear consciously is the masking sounds of ocean waves (or music in some titles.) Encoded within and underneath these sounds are thousands of suggestions designed to bring about the change. Every CD and or Tape has a different set of suggestions encoded into it for each specific Title


What are the SCWL® Programs designed to do ?
The SCWL® Programs consist of attitude, confidence and self-building affirmations as well as emotional affirmations (those creating feelings), all psychologically arranged to create new concepts, ideas, images and patterns in the subconscious mind and have those concepts (etc.) surrounded by positive feelings which aid the mental process in using new information.


Who puts the scripts together for SCWL® Programs?

Experts are found in each field who have the knowledge to put together the information needed to create the end result that the program will achieve. So, professionals from all areas of the country have been involved in scripting SCWL® programs. Midwest Research of Michigan, Inc. also uses an advisory board headed by Dr. Philip Hansen, Ed.D., of California State University. The board members are professionals from all over the United States who periodically review the content of the SCWL® programs and make recommendations. This team is known as the (STI) Self-Teaching Institute board of members.


Do I have to purchase an expensive or specially designed unit to get the most benefit?
NO. Our programs are recorded in mono and are designed to be completely effective on any CD or tape player you have. No special equiptment is needed to listen to the CD's or tapes. When you play them it does not matter if it is played on stereo or mono, our programs are designed so that you may play them on any kind of player you have.


May I listen to more than one SCWL® Program at the same time?
YES. Listen to as many programs as you have players to play them on.
You can have 2 tapes being played coming out of the same speaker.
You can play them on a variable speed player or recorder.


How loud should I play the SCWL® Programs?
Whatever your hearing range, play them at least so the ocean wave sound is heard as a slight whisper. Don't make it an annoying experience by having the volume too loud.


When should I listen to SCWL® Programs?
Repetition is the key to behavioral change, there fore you should listen as often as possible. Your mind has an unlimited capacity. At times you may experience a conscious/subconscious conflict causing headache or nausea. If this occurs, let up on your listening, it is only a sign of change. How ever it is not recommended to use them while driving your car or any other moving vehicle.


When and how soon can I expect results?
DO NOT place time limits on results. For most listeners, results will be noticeable in a short period of time, for some others, a longer time will be needed. When you do and your subconscious mind determines you cannot reach your desired results in the time frame you have consciously established, it will simply stop working toward the achievement of that particular goal and begin working on other things you spend your time thinking about. Everyone reacts differently. Once again, place no time limits on results. Desire a change [aka set a goal], press "Play" and let the program go to work! Once you have achieved your desired behavioral change, you may be exposed to negative programming and reverse types of conditioning in your daily routine, and you may need to continue to use them as you feel the need to do so.


Can I copy an SCWL® Program?
When copying any program, whether a regular music tape, CD, or a subliminal tape nad or CD, you will experience a generation loss. Should you copy our SCWL® program you may lose enough affirmations to render the program ineffective.

Can I import them into a I-Pod
You must import using WAV or AIFF format. Any processing or compression at all will remove the subliminal messages.


We guarantee our programs?
We make it a 100% win/win situation for our all of our customers. Almost everyone will achieve noticeable results in 90 days. There is a limited warranty on the tapes. If at any time the tape breaks, contact us for instructions to return it to the manufacture to be repaired. (Shipping and handling costs are extra.)


Cancelling an order?
An order may be cancelled prior to shipment. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, cassette tapes have a 14-day exchange period less S&H. CD's may not be exchanged. All sales are final.


What is SCWL?
It is the U.S. registered trademark of Midwest Research of Michigan, Inc. and represents "Subconscious to Conscious Way of Learning."