Subliminal Information

Your conscious mind is your identity your spirit, or who you are. It chooses what you want, your wishes and desires what you want from life. It looks to the future and sees the past, and it solves problems.

1.) When your conscious mind is not focused on what you are doing then your subconscious mind takes over and manages the tasks and work that's being done.

2.) When you're conscious mind is not focused on what happening, then your habits and programs in our subconscious mind take over.

3.) So when you're conscious mind is busy thinking of something and not focused on what happening, it's not observing.

4.) When you're not observing, you don't see the behavior's carried out by your subconscious mind, remains invisible to you.

Scientist Have Revealed That From 95 Percent To 99 Percent Of Our Behavior Comes From Our Subconscious Mind And Less Than 5 Percent From Our Conscious Mind. 

We are letting our habits and automatic programs run our life, most of which have become invisible to you.

5.) So we are using our conscious mind less than 5 percent of the time

6.) Most of the programs are invisible to you; they are your 'automatic behavior'.

7.) 95 percent of the day you are using these programs from that you have got from other people.

8.) When we review these we find that most of them are limiting and self-sabotaging. Statements like who you think you are, you can’t make money, you can’t date, you are not love-able, you’re not smart enough, you don’t deserve this, and you’re sickening.

9.) Because these behaviors are invisible to our conscious we do not even know that we are participating what’s going on

10) Whatever the programs are, the subconscious will act upon them as if they are true

11) We invisibly sabotage ourselves


1.) Stand in front of a mirror and repeat positive affirmations over and over again until we make a change in our beliefs and habits.


2.) Listen to a SCWL subliminal program. For each 1-hour of playing around 80,000 to 110,000 precisely worded statements for happiness, success and prosperity is received by our brain (RAS) and replace our negative attitudes, habits and worries.